DC Area Man Tries to Get Payout for Faked Slip and Fall

Sounding strangely like a scene straight from the Mario Kart video game, Maurice Owens, a passenger of the DC Metro transit system, has claimed $15,000 in damages related to an alleged slip and fall as a result of a banana peel left in an elevator.  Unfortunately for Mr. Owens, security footage shows him dropping an object on the floor of the elevator and then slipping and falling on it when the doors open.  As a result, the DC transit police have echoed Mr. Owens’ claim by charging him with fraud based on what looks like a faked slip and fall.  Just when you thought banana peels drops were only for the video games it looks like, at least in the case of Mr. Owens, they may be somewhat a reality.


For more information check out:  http://gaithersburg.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/report-man-charged-in-alleged-metro-banana-peel-slipandfall-scam

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