National Coordinating Counsel


National Coordinating Counsel Program at Perez Morris

Perez Morris offers our clients who conduct business across the U.S. the opportunity to benefit from our National Coordinating Counsel Program. We have proven success in serving many of these clients by streamlining the litigation process, reducing litigation costs and eliminating many of the logistical challenges that are often associated with managing litigation on a national basis. We excel for our clients across many industries in coordinating the defense of cases, supervising factual investigations, managing discovery, preparing corporate witnesses for deposition and trial, and both retaining and supervising the work of appropriate experts. In so doing, we never lose sight of an opportunity to resolve a matter before litigation ensues and communicating same in a timely manner to our clients. Should a matter result in litigation, our early involvement coupled with our familiarity with our clients ensures that all attorneys have the best information possible to pursue an aggressive defense. We serve as national coordinating counsel for general liability, property loss, employment, ADA Title II accessibility and civil rights defense matters; using our deep range of multi-jurisdictional experience to deliver many benefits to our clients, some of which include:

  • Developing and implementing litigation and claims resolution strategies for the efficient, nationwide resolution of cases;
  • Monitoring compliance with billing and expense budgets;
  • Reducing settlement costs;
  • Streamlining discovery responses and record/litigation holds;
  • Developing billing and expense budgets with local counsel to keep fees manageable;
  • Ensuring defense strategies are consistent, uniformly executed and always in line with our clients’ objectives

If you would like more information about our National Coordinating Counsel Program please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our experience with you.

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