The Overcomer Foundation

Supporting Working Single Mothers

The Overcomer Foundation Perez Morris

The primary mission of the Overcomer Foundation is to fund child care expenses. Through our partnerships with local organizations, we will work to identify a mother in need of this opportunity. We will listen to her goals, discuss child care options that meet her needs and determine if the Overcomer Foundation is a good fit.

The Overcomer Foundation will serve as a community and networking resource for working single mothers. Once a mother is in the program, the Overcomer Foundation will act as a hub to connect her to other services throughout the community. She also may be paired with a mentor with whom she can discuss opportunities and options that will help guide her toward her goals and ultimate success.

“We’re proud to launch the Overcomer Foundation. While financially, we will provide assistance for child care, the foundation is more than that. We want to be there for families, serving as mentors, resources and connection points as they reach their fullest potential.”

Sarah Crabtree Perez
Co-founder, Immediate Past Chair, President

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