Vista Village

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VISTA VILLAGE, an innovative way to serve the homeless

Vista Village has embarked on a new phase with a groundbreaking ceremony held on October 26, 2023, bringing us a step closer to realizing our innovative model to address homelessness in Columbus. We are developing a community where the homeless are given an opportunity to live in their own home, expand upon their strengths, and develop the skills that will empower them to successfully transition into stable, permanent housing. Vista Village will consist of 42, 420 sq. ft. modular built micro homes, a community center, a community garden, a park and lots of green space. The Village’s goal is to provide safe housing and bring in supportive services to help the residents transition from a state of homelessness, marked by
instability and insecurity, to a place of economic independence and permanence. Through our partnerships with third-party social service agencies, residents will have access to primary care, mental health treatment, substance abuse recovery programs, GED programs, vocational skills training and other supportive services.

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