Tiger Woods Again Making News—This Time for a Slip and Fall

NORTON, MA-SEP 1: Tiger Woods tees off the fourth hole during thTiger Woods will go down as one of the greatest golfers of all time. He receives publicity regarding his level of golf play all the time, good and bad.  And, he will also forever be known for his reputed $110 million divorce from Elin Nordegren in 2010.  However, Tiger is currently receiving other attention in the legal world related to his former security guard’s slip on wet marble while patrolling Tiger’s mansion in 2010 (actually owned by Tiger’s company).  The former guard, John Davis, has decided to sue based upon a negligence theory: namely, the marble was wet due to negligent orientation of a sprinkler.  Of course, attorneys in Woods’ camp argue the risk was foreseeable.  This is just another reminder that premises need to not only be safe for customers and business invitees, but for employees and independent contractors as well to avoid costly workers’ compensation and tort claims.

For more information visit: http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20150205/NEWS06/150209905/302


Authored by Sarah Crabtree Perez and Chad Trownson

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