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Virtually any business open to the public may eventually find itself exposed to a lawsuit alleging liability for injuries sustained from slips, falls or other types of incidents. Such accusations can result in prolonged litigation in which a business may be exposed to serious out-of-pocket expenses as well as potentially increased insurance premiums. When faced with such challenges, businesses need experienced legal counsel to protect their interests, limit their exposure and aggressively defend against such claims.

Perez Morris regularly defends companies against premises liability claims. Having litigated cases across New England, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania we have developed extensive contacts with other firms across the country with whom we regularly work as part of our National Coordinating Counsel Program. Having appeared before numerous state and federal courts, our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience necessary to zealously defend our clients’ interests. We thoroughly investigate and identify claims at an early stage in order to evaluate potential liability. Perez Morris has represented both large, national corporations as well as smaller regional and local businesses against a wide variety of premises liability claims. We pride ourselves on developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ business practices, which enables us to craft detailed, efficient litigation plans to minimize exposure and to encourage the efficient, and rapid resolution of claims.





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