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An allegation that a company’s product has caused a catastrophic injury can have a far-reaching, devastating, and lasting impact on a business. It is important that companies receive proper counsel to effectively defend their products and to protect the company and its reputation. Our Product Liability team represents a wide range of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors across multiple industries. Perez Morris has defended these companies against claims involving a variety of products, including food, drug and device, chemical, agricultural and construction equipment, consumer products, production machinery, among others.

At Perez Morris, we take the time to develop real relationships with our clients in order to fully understand their business and appreciate the issues with which they are faced on a daily basis. We work closely with them from the moment that a potential claim arises through all aspects of litigation. We work not only to resolve that claim, but to weigh the impact of that claim on the client’s business moving forward. We then counsel the client as to potential changes and modifications that could or should be implemented to minimize future risk.

We defend product liability clients in litigation matters across the U.S. and, although our lawyers are zealous litigators, we know that for our clients the courtroom is a destination of last resort. Thus, we strive to work with our clients to prevent claims and to counsel them on risk-management issues. Our lawyers are very aware of and appreciate the economic and emotional toll that protracted litigation can have on our clients and their businesses. Accordingly, we make every effort to resolve all disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible while still obtaining the best result for our client.





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