What retailers need to know when adjusting their mask policies

Retailers and mask policies, article by Celia Schnupp of Perez Morris, young woman shopping for clothes with a mask

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As state and federal governments lift mandatory safety measures following CDC guidance, businesses have started carefully reducing their protocols for both their employees and customers. National retailers like Trader Joe’s, Costco, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks are not requiring proof of vaccinations prior to entry, and are functioning on an honor system that requires unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask while in their stores. As businesses explore what their own policies will include, being prepared with current guidelines can enable them to move forward with what best suits the needs for their employees and customers. 

Celia M. Schnupp, who serves as our strategic legal partner for large corporations, small businesses and medical practices, discusses what retailers need to know when modifying their mask policies in her article published by TotalRetail.

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