The Intersection of Remote Work and Pay Transparency – The Business Journals quotes Anne Marie Schloemer

Graphic announcing that The Business Journals quoted Anne Marie Schloemer
Anne Marie Schloemer, an attorney at Perez Morris, sheds light on the topic of remote work and the implications of pay transparency laws for employers. Anne explores the nuances of pay transparency regulations and how they differ across various jurisdictions remote work becomes more prevalent, companies are faced with the challenge of understanding how these laws apply to workers who are located in different areas from the company’s headquarters or physical presence.

“For an employer in this position, their best option may be to implement pay transparency company-wide for consistency as well as culture,” Anne notes. She goes on to explain “Pay transparency is also an opportunity for companies to self-audit and ensure their pay practices are proper and not discriminatory based on gender or race,” Anne said. “For any companies who have concerns about what the public would learn if these laws are enacted in their community, now is the time to start making changes.”

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