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The State of New York is routinely booming with construction projects. New structures and renovations seem always to be happening at breakneck speed. With this constant flurry of construction activity, predictably come many construction site injuries. New York is unique in its how its state law interprets injuries that occur at the construction site with any new or renovation project or demolition. New York Labor Law (“Scaffold Law”) sections are antiquated, plaintiff-friendly, and controversial. Claims or lawsuits commenced under the guise of New York Labor law Section 240 (Scaffold Law), Section 241(6) (Worksite Safety), or Section 200 (Common Law) routinely cost the private sector billions of dollars annually. Violations of New York Labor Law can impose absolute liability upon owners and contractors for elevation-related construction accidents.

At Perez Morris, we develop creative solutions for all of our many clients; be they major construction companies, general contractors, or other companies involved with and supplying labor to the construction industry.

We understand the potential role of construction and design in catastrophic losses. Identifying and utilizing appropriate experts, we regularly represent our clients in property loss matters ranging from fires, water damage, building envelope matters, roof collapses, product liability and other construction failures. We regularly represent clients in negotiating and drafting construction contracts and defending construction defect, time impact, design, and other claims arising in the design and construction process. At Perez Morris, we are not only zealous and experienced advocates for our clients, but also trusted advisors to them for over twenty years.



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