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Perez Morris brings over 20 years’ of experience and success in defending trucking companies and their drivers against serious injury and fatality claims. We deliver immediate onsite investigation, a detailed litigation plan and execution, early case evaluation, budgeting, and consistent periodic reporting. We use mediation where appropriate to bring cases to a successful resolution. We determine those significant cases which should be resolved at an early stage, and those claims which should be vigorously defended through discovery and trial. In this way, our client’s resources and personnel can concentrate on the cases which are defendable.

Perez Morris’ immediate response team can be at the accident scene before it is cleared by the police. The team includes an accident reconstructionist expert who will provide a preliminary analysis of the accident. Our early case evaluation and detailed litigation plan allows us to work closely with our clients from the moment a potential claim arises through all aspects of litigation. We understand the benefits of budgeting and consistent periodic reporting, and make both a priority.

Our lawyers have defended trucking industry clients in numerous litigation matters and have enjoyed a great deal of success both before the trial courts and courts of appeal. Although our lawyers are comfortable in the courtroom, they know that for our clients, the courtroom is a destination of last resort. Our lawyers are very aware of and appreciate the economic and emotional toll that drawn-out litigation can have on our clients and their businesses. Accordingly, we make every effort to resolve all disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible while still obtaining the best result for the client.





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